planqc and d-fine win major contract to support the Quantum Computing Initiative of the German Aerospace Center in the development of compilers and a remote access platform for their quantum computers

January 29, 2024

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has announced a significant collaboration with the quantum computer manufacturer planqc and the consulting firm d-fine to strategically advance its capabilities in quantum computing. The project's goal is to establish a unified platform for managing quantum algorithms and their execution. The new DLR quantum computers will serve as hardware backends, one of which will be provided by planqc. This platform will also enable other DLR institutes and external partners to access DLR's quantum computers.

planqc and d-fine were selected due to their expertise in software programming and their deep understanding of compilation strategies. In the ALQU project, their role will focus on integrating quantum compilers into the DLR's quantum computer architecture, to enable efficient and user-friendly access to this advanced technology.

The realization of this platform requires technologies covering the entire quantum compiler stack. This includes not only hardware-specific compilation but also the management of experiments, the application of error correction methods, and the provision of simulators with various error models.

For planqc and d-fine, this project highlights the need for close co-design of hardware and software in quantum computing. It is crucial to incorporate hardware metrics and error models into the algorithms and ensure that the hardware supports efficient execution of these algorithms. ALQU aims to bridge this gap by focusing on efficient compilation for quantum computers.

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